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Hello beautiful souls... It's time! When one of the big ones of the sky becomes reflective in the area of your Astrochart (and your life) that is full of energy ... and you're just days from having a full moon eclipse near your point of evolution ... there's no other option but riding that wave! That's me, Vanessa, the one in the pic ... the mind, face, and heart behind Manik Healing Arts. For a long time, I tried to hide behind a logo, but that ends today! An acupuncturist by profession and Witch by vocation -understanding Witch as a woman who knows her nature... and recognizes herself as part of the whole. Who cultivates her own power and does not negotiate it ... who honors her intuition. She who falls, gets up, and reinvents herself ... who speaks to the spirits of plants, animals, stones, and all beings ... but above all, a woman who CREATES and BELIEVES. I am an advocate of self-knowledge and MAGIC! My own process brought me here. I just realized that it's time to go inwards to RE-vise and RE-create, laying the groundwork for a great expansion. Astrologically speaking, this is a calling for all of us... I'm just taking over this RE-modeling job, but I think I know what I want already ... I want for all of us to embrace our magic! So, we need to cultivate coherence ... we are BODY, CONSCIOUSNESS, and SPIRIT ... We all want to be healthy and feel beautiful! We live in our minds, and we are an expression of our consciousness! And deep down, we all feel there is something more ... that "something more" that we are all free to call whatever we want. And for me, is summarized as PEACE and CONNECTION. To honor the call of thinking "outside the box" (from Mercury -Hermes- entering Aquarius today), I gotta tell you that I just realized that I am NOT an Acupuncturist ... my needles and Chinese Medicine are just tools (just like Astrology, Tarot, painting, Pendulum, the Mind-Body Medicine Ph.D. program, etc.)... This is so liberating... I am who I believe I am! I am working two intentions with this post: the first one is to open myself and do some catharsis (by the way, thank you for getting this far ... please bear with me!). My second intention is to "announce" that some things will change here at Manik Healing Arts (considering that you follow this page, this may be interesting to you). But hey! One thing that is NOT going to change is the location of our Center (miraculously and thanks to my heavenly and earthly angels) ... although, I am embracing Skype as a new virtual office. In the end, it's all about BODY-MIND-SPIRIT COHERENCE ... and I want to do my part! I want all of us to be comfortable with our own bodies! And yes, health and wellbeing are important, but I want to work with beauty! Remember the big guy becoming reflectivein the sky? Well, that's Jupiter retrograde in Libra - the sign of harmony and beauty. It's time to RE-define beauty and make it your own, so I want you to embrace your Astrological Rising Sign, to know and work with your predominant constitutional element... I want you to be able to soften some of the lines in your face and improve the quality of your skin with needles, cups, crystals, herbs, and oils ... and I want you to know and LOVE those little wrinkles that came to stay because they also have a story to tell! I want you to relate to your BODY in a different way! Next ... We can no longer be indifferent to the awakening of CONSCIOUSNESS that is going on in our planet! This work starts within ourselves (always begins with the Self)... and the MIND is the bridge. Your consciousness connects you to your body and your spirit ... and to the body and spirit of the Earth ... and your neighbor's, and your dog's, and to the All. Guys, self-awareness is the key! Who rules your mind? Who directs your intention and captures your attention? I mean, who is REALLY directing and creating your life? (I'm excited to back to school because I'm learning a lot of tools for us to do this work together). Please, raise your awareness and activate your magic. This is about personal empowerment, which brings me to my last point ... Awaken your spiritual connection! Your Spirit has the answer to the big question, who am I and why am I here? And from this place of connection, MAGIC happens! Miracles, synchronicities, self-actualization, and PEACE are all "downloaded" from the "spiritual cloud". Stand in your Spiritual Power and you will never feel alone (or helpless) ... by the way, my spiritual language is of angels, fairies, rituals, symbolism and magic ... What about you? Do you know yours?


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