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Does any of this sound familiar to you right now?

Swollen hands or ankles, bloating and fullness sensation, weight gain, heaviness, acne breakouts, muscle pain, mental fogginess... Does any of this sound familiar right now? These are recent common complaints in my office, and I've been experiencing some of them myself as well... Then it just hit me! LATE SUMMER IS DAMPNESS SEASON and we just have to adjust. ✔️Avoid cold and raw foods, dairy, greasy foods and SUGAR as much as you possibly can! ✔️Welcome pumpkin season and eat more of it... Along with delicious stuff like sweet potato, celery, asparagus, turnip and barley... ✔️Sip your water all day long and add some lemon to it... ✔️Relax your mind... Worry is not your friend and won't make a positive impact on that issue that is driving you crazy right now... ✔️MOVE! Your body, your energy (Qi), your furniture... Whatever you feel that may benefit from a little movement... With movement, stagnation is not possible. ✔ Pamper yourself! Get a massage, get some cupping and acupuncture, start a Yoga practice... We are transitioning with nature because we are part of it...we are ONE with it! Find that perfect balance between going with the flow and proactively adjusting yourself... Your body and your mind will thank you! Namaste beautiful souls 🙏🏼


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