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Connect with your unique energetic signature through contemplation and meditation, with a beautiful piece of art specially created just for you! A Mandala is a circular design that symbolizes the notion that Energy is never ending; an AstroMandala is an intuitively channeled tool that contains the particular galactic energetic imprint given to you at birth, expressed by your Astrological Birth or Solar Chart and your Sacred Mayan K'in. It also contains the symbolic energy from the main twelve archetypes that are more closely related to you in this incarnation, and that are available to you through the Collective Consciousness Just by contemplating your AstroMandala you can create a sacred space that will uplift your vibrational field, awakening you to your life purpose and enhancing your connection to the natural frequencies of our beautiful planet Earth! This a wonderful gift for all Light Workers! It is also a beautiful piece to incorporate into your children's room, to keep them connected and spiritually attuned. Also, a great grounding and spiritually tool to help us navigate through difficult times by strengthening our spiritual power! You will get: A hand painted 16x20 canvas with your personalized AstroMandala representing your unique energy imprint. A 45min audio file, explaining the energy of your AstroMandala. An intuitive chosen crystal/stone companion to enhance your AstroMandala's energy. ∞ Local pickup and shipping options available ∞

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