Holistic Therapies

Chakra Acu-Balancing

By combining spiritual acupuncture with stones, crystals, aromas, and sounds, I diagnose and balance the 7 major energy vortexes of the body, promoting a free flow of vital energy and physical, mental, and spiritual coherence. The meridians and the chakras form a 2-ways-highway of energy that will benefit from frequent recalibration, especially when we are going through changes and emotional situations in our lives... First Chakra (root): moving and relocating, family breakdowns, lack of sense of belonging, not feeling grounded. Second Chakra (sexual): a history of sexual abuse, creative blockages, infertility, financial hardship. Third Chakra (solar plexus): disempowerment, shock or emotional trauma, constant fear. Fourth Chakra (heart): grief, post-traumatic stress, relationship issues, issues with the mother archetype. Fifth Chakra (throat): inability to express yourself, body-mind disconnection, non-acceptance, communication issues, inability to set boundaries. Sixth Chakra (third eye): intuition development, lack of vision, feeling disoriented, lacking clarity. Seventh Chakra (crown): lack of faith, need to connect with your higher self, angels and spirit guides, feeling helpless or alone, expansion of consciousness. This therapy is also recommended for all energy healing practitioners as a periodical tune-up of their healing channels, to clear stagnated energy, and sealing the subtle bodies. For energy healers, the minor chakras of the hand are also re-calibrated with acupuncture.

Cost: 70 USD

Session length: 60 minutes


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