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Awakening your Mayan Kin

The most valuable legacy of the Mayan civilization is their vision of Time and the bond between humans and the cosmos. We are creative beings, and time exists only as a relative measure of how much we create, therefore, Time=Art . Mayan scholars created several calendars, including the Tzolk'in or Sacred Calendar, which serves as the source of the modern 13 Moon Calendar, given to us for the purpose of awakening us to a higher level of consciousness that allows us to live in balance with mother nature and its cycles. This session will reconnect you to your birth Mayan signature, which has a tone, an oracle, and a mudra that will assist you to energetically activate your DNA, connect with your life purpose, and with the pulsating energy we receive every day from the center of the galaxy *(Hunab Ku). ∞ This study can be performed in person or online ∞

Cost: 60 USD

Session length: 45 minutes


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