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Annual AstroChart

Each year, the Sun will return to the same degree of the zodiac wheel where it was at the exact moment of our birth, opening a new energy portal to renew and recharge our personal evolution. This energy interacts with our Birth AstroMandala, giving it a specific energy boost for the next 12 months. This mandala serves as an energy GPS that shows the most harmonious path to be walked each year for us to advance in the fulfillment our soul's purpose. As sunlight nourishes life on earth, it also illuminates different areas of our lives, increasing our awareness and inner growth throughout the experiences we tend to live during each annual cycle. It is recommended to perform this analysis near your birthday, and it is an original and valuable birthday gift to give to your loved ones (including yourself)! ∞ This study can be done in person or online ∞

Cost: 150 USD

Session length: 60 minutes


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