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Birth AstroChart

I see astrology as a wonderful tool for self-mastering ourselves and facilitating our path toward the fulfillment of our life purpose. It is not about predicting the future, but more about energy flow and tendencies. There is always a predictive aspect to it since we are getting into the analysis of potentiality and energetic scenarios, but this form of art goes far beyond that. To really experience astrology, it is necessary to get personal. Be ready to look within and walk the path to self-knowledge, starting from your date, place, and time of birth. Through your Birth AstroMandala, I invite you to connect with the archetypal energies that were given to you on the day of your birth. To know and understand your own nature and potential, learning to love yourself with all your faults and virtues, and reconnecting with your Spiritual Power to consciously facilitate your personal and collective evolution. ∞ This study can be done in person or online ∞

Cost: 180 USD

Duration: 90 minutes


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