Lucid dreaming? Saturn\\\'s reflective journey through the Galactic Center.

What happens when the god of time decides to stop and 're-calibrate' himself at the very energetic point that awakens us to our sense of unity? Do you remember all the crazy stuff that was said about December 21, 2012? As the Mayan knew, what happened was not the end of the world, but an awakening of the planetary consciousness. On March 6, Saturn arrived at the astrological degree from which the energy of THE ALL emanates: Hunab Ku. For the Mayan culture, Hunab Ku is the god from whom all gods emerge, the unified source of Being. In our modern world, Hunab Ku is the center of our galaxy and it houses a super-massive black hole that generates an amazing energy. Whatever your favorite version may be (mine is the Mayan version of course), there is, for sure, a great energy movement in that area of the universe... Saturn’s astral journey through this area is like an auditor asking you to pay attention to your reality inventory. It is not about how much we have, but how we invest our creative power. Many spiritual and psychological approaches focus on recognizing and caring for the inner child. The idea now is more or less the same, but in this case, the invitation is to connect with our inner Wizard/Alchemist from a realistic perspective. Magic and reality… is it even allowed to use those in the same sentence? You bet it is! And Saturn is here to prove it… Saturn is also Chronos, the god of time, and he knows that time can be actually measured only in terms of how much we have created (Time = Art). Time is limited in our dimension, just as the physical reality. All this is Saturn’s territory. But, what happens in eternity? How does time behave when the creative potential is infinite? Hunab Ku can teach us a thing or two about this. During the next few months, the CEO of physical reality (Saturn) is connecting with the source of all creative potential (Hunab Ku) to trigger a major awakening in our planet... we collectively feel it, and everyone is experiencing this in the area of their astral chart that houses the last degrees of Sagittarius. Saturn always asks for structure, commitment, and responsibility. He has decided to re-calibrate and re-vise these issues from a higher consciousness, inviting us to assess the karmic balance of our reality (individual and collective). With the influence of Hunab Ku, this can be done from a place of love and self-compassion (without judgments) through our participatory and creative roles. During the Saturnine months of December and January, we love to reflect on the year that has ended and set intentions for the next 12 months. New Year, new life! Right? Well, from April 6th, and all the way until December 2nd, the Universe is giving us the opportunity to reflect and consciously plan our participation in the new reality that is emerging ... It feels as if we are riding in a car with no brakes that goes through the curves of a mountain of emotions and energy (Saturn is not the only one that went reflective up there). However, we can always choose whether or not we get off that car. We may fall down the cliff of some of those curves, or get off to build together a retaining wall and stop that car. On a personal level, your angels and spiritual guides are ready, waiting for you to embrace your free will and build that wall with them (a wall that IS ACTUALLY WORTHY by the way ...) A lot of water has run under the bridge since 2012… and much more is coming! When you connect to your inner wisdom (and act like a wizard), you’ll know when it is best to go with the flow, when you have to swim against the current, and when it’s time to build a dam and create your own magical oasis of peace ... Remember, we can always choose! In Lak'ech.


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